GP Longboard Windskate

DKK 2.600,00 DKK 3.800,00

  • 55"
  • 58"
  • 60"
  • 62"
  • Complete trucks and wheels
  • Board only
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GP Longboards are characterised by the surf and skate utility to give you a truly unique product that is unlike any other board in the skateboard industry.  Each board has a classic, natural, and timeless style that will appeal to riders both young and old. 

Handcrafted in Copenhagen (Denmark) with materials that have been carefully selected based on performance and aesthetics, but also on environmental impact and sustainability of production, these custom made longboards are designed primarily for carving and cruising, and windskate. They are all unique.

They are pressed, cut, shaped, printed and finished, one at a time, by hand in Copenhagen (Denmark).



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